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Joysway Dragonflite 95 - Quick, agile, and lightweight


Joysway Dragonflite 95 or just DF95, as it is usually referred to in the RC sailboat community, is an advanced version of its highly successful predecessor, Dragon Force 65. This 950mm sailboat has been designed by the top boat designer trio - Mike Weston, Mark Dicks, and John Tushingham. Experts and members of the RC sailboat community have just one thing to say about the DF95 - it is a perfect handling RC sailboat that features a mere perfect balance between design and functionality.

If we start getting deeper into how it is better than its previous versions, we will realize that it’s a logical replacement, especially considering it fulfills the need of a better performing competition sailboat that comes at a fraction of the price of other models in its category. DF95 has an air of exclusivity about it that you aren’t going to find with other models of the same length. It is made of composite materials and features cutting edge elements that other RC sailboats in its category don’t have. Some of these features includes: Mylar sails, carbon fiber keel fin, single piece carbon mast, and an advanced keel bulb - some of the components that are much better than RC sailboats that are more or less priced the same.

The DF95 appears to be and performs the way that other radio sailboats can’t even dream of. It has a narrow and lightweight hull that would first come across as a disadvantage that could stop it from performing well in strong winds. But, that isn’t the case. The development of a careful sail plan and the addition of lightweight rigs more than compensate the supposed disadvantage of the hull - you are guaranteed balance and handling of the highest order.

Even while being overpowered, DF95 can still be easily controlled. Also, it has great speed downwind and is not going to nosedive like others in its category are more likely to. It has everything it takes to compete while adhering to a set of standards and rules. Trying to tune and race it well is going to be both an enjoyable and challenging experience for even the most experienced of skippers. Having said that, its characteristics make it an easy boat to sail especially for beginners.